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Health360 Overview

Live healthy and active with Cigna Health360. We measure your health in real-time with the Health Score and engage you to actively manage your health and wellbeing in an easy and fun way. Cigna Health360 is digital and fully mobile, which means that you have access to all Cigna Health360 services directly via your Cigna Health360 mobile app (iPhone, Android), and it can also be accessed via the web access on for PCs, tablets and other types of smartphones (e.g. Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.). Cigna Health360 runs on version 3.7.0 and is currently available in 2 languages (English US and Thai).

What you can measure, you can manage!

What you can measure, you can manage! Cigna Health360 visualizes your current health and wellbeing with a personal Health Score in real-time, a scientifically calculated number from 1 (low) to 1,000 (high). It is based on who you are (body), how you feel (mind) and how you live (lifestyle). Your Cigna Health360 Score moves up or down in real-time, depending on how your body values, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep) change. When tracked over time, it offers you a good indicator of how your health and wellbeing is evolving. To be active and help you remain engaged, Cigna Health360 applies motivation techniques from behavioral science and popular online games, uses collaborative features from groups

and social networks, and it provides personalized feedback. The result: you get real-time lifestyle coaching and personal feedback.

Cigna Health360 provides flexibility in how you can track your lifestyle data. In addition to the integrated fitness tracker in the Cigna Health360 app (iPhone, Android), Cigna Health360 also supports many of the most popular fitness tracking devices and apps, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Garmin vivo, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Moves, etc. Cigna Health360 works as your personal health coach in your pocket, motivates you to keep going, rewards you for your personal achievements and helps you to attain your personal goals.