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Data Privacy and Security

You control your data!

You create your account on Cigna Health360, and you decide what data you want to share and not to share in the privacy settings. You can also delete the account if and when you decide to do so. It is your data. Cigna Health360 has an extensive privacy policy that explains in detail how we use your data. Cigna Health360 does not sell your data or profile for advertising.

Data Security

All your data on Cigna Health360 is securely protected. Cigna Health360 stores your data in a data center in Switzerland, and uses state-of-the-art, multi-layered security methods. These methods comply with best practices, and include both physical and logical protection, such as access control, encryption, and segregation.

Data Privacy

Cigna Health360 complies with data protection and privacy laws. As a user, you decide what you want to share, and what to keep private. Cigna Health360 is not in the business of selling your personal data, or using your data for targeted advertising. and we have an extensive privacy policy that explains in detail how we use your data to calculate your Health Score.

We only store data that you share with us, either through the Cigna Health360 App or by connecting your Cigna Health360 account with your tracking devices or apps from third parties. We do not collect data about you from other sources. All your data is securely encrypted during transport and at rest.

You have the right to receive a full copy of all the data that we store about you. Should you find any incorrect data, you have the right to have that data corrected. You may ask for a copy of all the data that you have shared with Cigna Health360. Should you decide to remove your Cigna Health360 account, we will delete your account and personal data after a deactivation period of 30 days.

Social Sharing

Please note that all registered users of Cigna Health360 are displayed with their name and profile picture.

For all other data points, you control and decide yourself what data shall be accessible to others. You can change the privacy settings of your account at any time and thereby determine who will be able to see what data. The only types of data that may be shared are the following: Health Score, workouts and earned achievements. Sensitive personal data such as weight, age or blood pressure, etc. are not accessible to other users. The following types of sharing options are available:

  • Public: All users registered on Cigna Health360 will be able to see the data, meaning the Health Score, the workouts, pictures and achieved goals.
  • Groups: If you are part of a corporate health program, you will be allocated to a specific company group, which will contain fellow employees with whom you are friends on Cigna Health360, and other employees with whom you are not yet friends on Cigna Health360. If you select the group option, all group members, friends or not, will be able to see your Health Score, your workouts, pictures or achieved goals.
  • Users: Your friends will be able to see your Health Score, your workout, pictures or achieved goals.
  • None: Only you will be able to see your Health Score, your workout, pictures or achieved goals.