Why Cigna?

The answer is world-class standard and global expertise.

International Quality
• We have 450+ medical facilities nationwide in our network.
• Our employees have an average of 20+ years’ experience in the insurance business.
• More than 20 medical professionals are on our team.
Health Improvements
• We offer online and offline activities with a focus on improving our customers’ health.
• We help you educate your employees on how to better take care of themselves, which is good for you and them in the long run.
• Having healthy employees improves your organization’s efficiency and reduces your health-related costs.
Easy to Access
• Cigna Anywhere application provides 24/7 access to our service no matter where you are.
• Industry insights allow us to accurately respond to your needs.
• Your HR department will have access to Cigna Assist.
• We offer online consultation and medication delivery services in the age of telemedicine.
• We continue to improve ourselves to make insurance even easier for you every day.

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Cigna will take care of your employees with our health and accidental injury coverage, whether during or outside of working hours. We are here to help lessen your financial burden. As an organization, you can customize coverage and even extend it to your employees’ spouses and children.

• Various packages to suits your needs
• 24/7 service
Group Insurance Member Guidebook
(Health Care and Accidents)
Outpatient coverage
Loss of life or permanent disability due to an accident
Dental treatment
Cigna’s Sustainability Solution
Preventive Care
• Promoting healthier lifestyles
• Eliminating health risks
• Pre-arrangement
• Getting a second opinion
Curative Care
• Access to treatment
• Patient care, such as concurrent treatment review and cost estimation
• Personal care (nursing service, at-home habitation)
• Direct billing & online claim submission
• Health Concierge
Mobile Application (Cigna Anywhere)
Round the Clock
Customer Service
24 hours’ easy access
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Let Cigna take care of your people! Email us at THHealthSales@cigna.com